Familytrip to Lisboa

Once in a while we manage to make a family trip all together and those trips are always very funny. Last time we travelled to Paris and this time we chose the capital of Portugal. We arrived in Lisboa around noon and I was immediatly amazed by the stunning colours. The very blue sky gives a crazy contrast to the red roofs and all the beautiful mosaics on the walls. As usual on those trips we had a flat in the city center. We had an amazing time there strolling around the city, having lots of icecream (always lemon) and 'Pastel de Nata' (nothingtoadd!) and just enjoying being all together. As you all know I am not a very big fan of mass tourism, but I highly recommend the touristic tour 'We hate tourism' and I guess the name speaks for itself. My favorite restaurant in Lisboa was 'Chapito a Mesa', the food we had was very delicious and the view over the city simply stunning. All in all I was positively surprised about the city and the very friendly people we met. Obrigado Lisboa!

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