Getaway to Hotel Ritzenhof in Saalfelden

Why to get away? I think we all have to get away once in a while (physically and/or mentally) to get a little distance between the hurry of our daily lives and us. As I had a few days off in the beginning of June and I felt this desire to get away, to reorder the priorities and to simply have some time for myself I decided to go to Hotel Ritzenhof in Saalfelden. I heard a lot about this place, but as I have never been there I was really excited to explore this tiny city and the beautiful mountains around.
Immediately after my arrival I took part of a very personalised yoga-class. As we only were three participants, the teacher Claudia was able to help each of us on a very individual level. I incredibly enjoyed this class, because it was a completely different approach to yoga than I was used to. Moreover Claudia helped me to improve some of my breathing-techniques. Inspired and motivated by this experience I did much more yoga than I planned in the next few days. In general those days at Ritzenhof were quite sporty: Apart from the yogasessions I did one long Stand-up-paddle session on the lake next to the Hotel, a trailrun in the amazing mountains close to the Asitzbahn, some core- & stretching-activities and many walks in the area. The Hotel is perfectly located next to the Ritzensee and the huge garden by the lake offers many spots for yoga or relaxing in general. I really liked the well equipped Spa-area, which is pretty big, but still very cozy. The food at Ritzenhof was a blast: regional, fresh and very tasty. I especially loved the breakfast with many different Müsli-options. 
As I didn't know the area before, I was very happy about all the recommendations I got at the hotel. On my last day in the zone I went to Leogang to watch the finals of the Out of Bounds Festival, which included the UCI Mountain Bike Weltcup Downhill-competition. I was and am still deeply impressed how incredibly fast those guys ride down!
After all this getaway to Saalfelden gave me many new inputs and it was definitely worth every second. I came back to 'normality' with new habits and many new perspectives. 

As always all of you can send me a mail or a message on Instagram if you would like to have more detailed information about anything regarding my trip, Hotel Ritzenhof or Saalfelden in general. I'll give my best to help you out. ;)

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