Social Media break

This January I decided to reorder my priorities: Too much in my life turned around Social Media and about getting that one 'perfect' picture. The first thing in the morning and the last one in the evening was scrolling throw Social Media Chanels. I realized that the time to be offline for a while had arrived. Therefore I deleted Instagram, Facebook. Snapchat and all the other Social Medias from my phone. The first days were strange, because whenever I had a free minute I used to check my phone and suddenly I had a lot of little pauses in my daily life. I have to say that this shocked me a bit, because it happened quite often. After a few days I got used to the fact that I have my phone with me just for the case I need to call someone. More and more I almost started to forget to take it with me at all. Instead of the phone I often  brought a book and I am highly convinced that I was better entertained than with my iPhone. I didn't have to charge it for over ten days! I realized that I paid much more attention to the people around me and for myself I felt much better, also because I listened more to my body when to do sports, what to eat or how much to sleep. On the other hand I missed being in contact with so many people and I was really bad informed about birthdays, friends on holidays or funny memes. It was good then to be back on Instagram etc., but for the future I hope to keep some of my new 'good' habits. In general I think it was a period of slowing down my life and I think this could be a great possibility for everyone to decelerate, no matter if it is for one day, one week or one month.

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